License Information:

OneProgress Services LLC (formerly One Finance Services LLC), NMLS 2460509, holds the following licenses and registrations:

Jurisdiction License or Registration License Number
Arizona Collection Agency License 1046495
Arizona Consumer Lender License 1046497
Arkansas Collection Agency License AC-6457
California DFPI Debt Collection License 11195-99
Colorado Supervised Lender License SUP-4000749
Connecticut Small Loan Company License SLC-2460509
Georgia Installment Lender License 2460509
Hawaii Collection Agency License COLAX-1234-0
Idaho Regulated Lender License RRL-11171
Iowa Master Loan Company Registration 88893634
Iowa Iowa Nonresident Regulated Loan Company Branch License 2023-0097
Louisiana Collection Agency N/A
Maryland Collection Agency License N/A
Maryland Credit Services Business License N/A
Minnesota Debt Collection License 40880580
Missouri Credit Services Organization CR-24-9373
Nebraska Installment Loan License N/A
Nevada FID Installment Loan Company License IL11191
New Hampshire Small Loan Lender License 2305856 C31
New York (Buffalo) Collection Agency License CAG23-10063576
New York (City) Debt Collection Agency License 2119168-DCWP
New York (Yonkers) Debt Collection Agency 10741
North Dakota Collection Agency License CA104231
North Dakota Money Broker License MB104230
Ohio Consumer Installment Loan Act License CI.550132.000
Oklahoma Credit Services Organization CSO00578
Oregon Collection Agency Registration N/A
Oregon Consumer Finance License 2460509
Rhode Island Loan Broker License 20244736LB
South Dakota Money Lender License 2460509.MYL
Texas Regulated Lender License 2300073983-169831
Vermont Loan Solicitation License LSO-2460509
West Virginia Collection Agency 2448-5359
Wisconsin Loan Company License 3310-LC